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Download Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76 (Pro Unlocked/Premium)

If you want to make a cool logo on your phone, Logo Maker is the way to go. It’s incredibly easy, even if you’re not a professional. Whether you’re a business owner, designer, or just a creative person, this app has everything you need to make awesome logos in no time. It gives you the tools to be your logo boss and create something unique and professional without any hassle.

As social media and online advertising surge, the demand for impactful branding is on the rise. People are searching for quick and simple ways to create logos for their businesses or personal branding without the hassle of expensive designers. That’s where this app comes in. You can craft engaging graphics effortlessly, whether you use the provided templates or bring your ideas to life. This application is a go-to choice for quick and convenient logo creation. Learn more about this handy mobile app in our reviews.


NameLogo Maker
Package NameCA Publishing
PublisherCA Publishing
CategoryArt & Design
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked & Premium
Size20 MB
RequiresAndroid v5.0

Access the unlocked app on our website

Visit our website to get Logo Maker Mod APK v42.76, where you can enjoy the app without any restrictions. This modified version provides access to premium features and removes annoying ads. Download this app from our site, follow the easy instructions and experience the app to its fullest.

Use for Free!

You can download it easily from the online store without any cost. However, for those who want additional unlocked features, we also provide the modded Logo Maker app on our website.

Check Your Device’s Compatibility

To utilize the app, you just need an Android device running version 42.76 or higher. This ensures the smooth running of most features. Also, ensure a stable internet connection to access online editing materials. Allow essential permissions for storage and camera access to unlock the app’s full functionality.

Create a Stunning Logo with Matching Colors and Customizable Options

If you have a passion for graphic design, the editor provides a platform to express your creativity. Customize three fantastic features to make your mark on the design. The color palette provides a variety of unique and harmonious color combinations for you to choose from. Edit and align images and textures carefully to capture everyone’s attention. You can also use the automatic layout or explore new suggestions to find the best option for each element. Spend time exploring different design options in the background.

Explore Additional Text Styles and Customize Your Design

Elevate your logo’s visibility by selecting from a diverse array of creative fonts. With Logo Maker’s free text editor, you can customize your text with various colors, sizes, and styles, giving your design a refined and professional look. Explore the app’s vast font collection, simplifying the search for the perfect one for your design. The user-friendly design and editing tools ensure that each concept you create is unique and visually appealing. Additionally, you can enhance your text by adding frames in different formats.

Create Various Items Using the App

Once you enter Logo Maker v42.76, you’ll discover a user-friendly interface. It provides easy access to features through tabs and application resources.Explore product categories at the top, including invitations, flyers, YouTube thumbnails, and more. Create top-notch products effortlessly with just a few clicks thanks to this functionality.

Select from a diverse range of stickers tailored to each theme

In this app, you can pick from a bunch of stickers designed for different themes. This means you have a lot of sticker options, each suitable for specific themes or styles. Whether it’s a business logo or anything else, these stickers cater to a wide range of themes. This gives you the freedom to make your logo more creative and aligned with the specific theme you want. It’s like having a collection of stickers that match different styles, making your logo design process more fun and personalized.

Create Logos and Shapes as You Like

You can explore a wide variety of designs and shapes, each unique and appealing. These resources are categorized into different themes, giving you plenty of options to include in your designs. Additionally, you can customize these elements just like you would with text in your logo’s. This means every edit you make adds to your experience, making future edits even easier.

Layered Editing for More Control

One interesting feature of this app is the ability to edit on different layers. Every added element stands alone, allowing for effortless rearrangement or deletion of specific items. This is especially useful for complex logos, as you can quickly modify individual elements for easier editing. It’s a crucial factor to consider.

Share Your Creations Easily on Social Media

Share your creations on social media effortlessly with just a single click. This app allows you to upload images directly from your gallery to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. This helps you promote your business quickly to a wider audience. Your designs are saved in the History tab, where you can find creations with various frames that are regularly updated to keep you in line with global trends and enhance your design skills.

Create High-Quality Products

Once you finish editing, you can export or save your work for future edits. Select the quality (from Low to High) and formats such as JPG, PNG, and transparent. Key features include creating multiple logos and diverse resources for various needs. You have the flexibility to edit with templates or create from scratch.Customizable text, logo’s, shapes, backgrounds, and more enable you to craft unique elements. The app ensures convenient editing and exporting of high-quality products in your preferred format.

FAQs about Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76.

What makes Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76 special for logo creation?

This application is a user-friendly app that simplifies logo creation for everyone, whether you’re a business owner, designer, or creative individual. It provides easy-to-use tools, customizable options, and a variety of elements to help you craft unique and professional logos effortlessly.

Can I change the colors of my logo using Logo Maker MOD APK?

Absolutely! Logos Maker MOD APK v42.76 offers a color palette with unique and harmonious color combinations. You can easily customize the colors of your theme to make it visually appealing and aligned with your brand or style.

How do I add more style to the text in the logo?

The app provides a free text editor with a wide range of creative fonts, allowing you to customize your text with different colors, sizes, and styles. This feature helps you achieve a refined and professional look for your design.

Are there stickers available for different themes in Logo Maker MOD APK?

Yes, Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76 offers a variety of stickers designed for different themes. Whether you’re creating a business banner or a personal design, these stickers provide options to make your logo’s more creative and personalized.

Can I explore and customize logos and shapes in the app?

Certainly! Logo Maker MOD APK allows you to explore a diverse range of logos and shapes, each unique and appealing. These resources are categorized into different themes, and you can customize them just like text, making logos editing a seamless experience.

How can I share my logo creations on social media using Logo Maker MOD APK?

Sharing your creations is easy with this app. The app enables one-click sharing on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp. This helps you quickly promote your designs to a wider audience.

Is there a history tab to keep track of my designs in Logo Maker MOD APK?

Yes, Logos Maker MOD APK v42.76 comes with a History tab where your designs are saved. Additionally, you can find logos with various frames that are regularly updated, keeping you in line with global design trends and enhancing your skills.


Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76 turns making logos into an easy and enjoyable process. Whether you’re an expert or just starting, this app makes the process easy with intuitive tools and customizable features. Explore a rich color palette, creative fonts, thematic stickers, and diverse shapes to unleash your creativity. Easily share your designs on social media, and keep track of your evolving creations with the History tab. Logo Maker MOD APK v42.76 is the perfect tool for quick, convenient, and visually striking logo design. It’s designed for everyone, making branding accessible and enjoyable. Elevate your brand effortlessly with this feature-rich and user-friendly logo creation tool.

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