How to breed a legendary dragon in dragon city?


How to breed a legendary dragon in dragon city?

The quest for how to breed a legendary dragon in Dragon City requires patience and a lot of trial and error. This quest requires breeding two legendary dragons. You need to feed each one until it reaches level 21. Moreover, you need to breed both the legend dragons. If you don’t have enough time to do it, there are tips on how to get 10000 gems fast in this game.

First, you need to level up your dragon. After that, you need to build a breeding ground where you can place the eggs. Then, you have to wait until the egg hatches. Once the egg hatches, you can breed the legendary dragon. The offspring will have different types depending on the parents. This will require a lot of patience and luck.

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However, with the help of these tips, you will soon be able to breed your own legendary dragon! Secondly, you need to find pure hybrids in order to breed a legendary dragon. This will be the most powerful type of dragon. These can be obtained by breeding generation 1 and generation 2 dragons.

The last step involves combining a pure hybrid and a pure. Lastly, you need to raise a legendary dragon’s level. Finally, you need to build a breeding ground. By following these steps, you will be on your way to breeding a legendary and powerful dragon.

You must have enough gems to be able to breed the legendary dragon. You must be patient as it is a tedious process. After you’ve completed each level, you need to wait a few seconds for the mod to install. If it installs, you can continue breeding your dragon until you get a legendary one. You can also collect various kinds of dragons and breed them to increase their power.

In Dragon City Mod APK, there are two types of dragons: elemental and legendary. Both types are useful in battles in the game. The rare lightning and the mirror dragon are considered legendary in the game.

The Mirror is the rarest of the two, and the mirror dragon will need two different dragons. If you want to breed this type, you must raise them. If you wish to raise a more powerful and valuable hybrid, you must choose the elemental one.

The next step is to collect the right amount of orbs. You can also buy items from the trading hub. If you are able to breed a legendary dragon, you can sell it. In addition to this, you can also sell it to the people of your alliance. This will increase the chance of earning more gold. But, you must be patient. There are no guarantees in the game.

How to breed Flaming Rock Dragon?

One of the strongest Dragons in Dragon City is the Flaming Rock Dragon. This breed is possible by breeding two different types of dragons with the same element. The highest chance of breeding this powerful monster is by pairing a Flame Dragon with a Terra one. Bavarian and Flame Dragons can also be used to breed this type of monster.

The Flaming Stone is a category 2 Dragon and is sold for 100 gold. Its powerful element is the combination of flame and terra. The basic abilities of the Flaming Rock Dragon include flaming arrows and meteor showers. It also has high-power moves such as Meteor Shower and Fire Bolt.


How to breed a legendary dragon in dragon city


This breed is best against dark opponents and war dragons. This type of creature is weak against metallic or war dragons. However, it is an excellent choice for a tank. You should keep these two things in mind when choosing the best type of opponents to breed.

The first step in breeding a Flaming Rock Dragon is leveling it up and building a breeding ground. Once the hatchling is mature, the player will need to train the dragon to create eggs and then hatch them. The type of offspring will depend on the parents. Some luck is necessary to get successful breeding. It is also possible to breed two Flaming Rock Dragons with the same parents.

How to breed Waterfall Dragon?

If you are wondering how to breed Waterfall Dragon, you are in luck. This dragon is the best type to breed with Terra Dragon and Sea. The combination of these two types has a 50% chance of generating the Waterfall Dragon. The other possible combination is the breeding of a water and mud dragon.

How To Get Diamonds in Dragon City

Once you have chosen the right pair, you can proceed with breeding. Once you’ve got your first couple of eggs, you can start the process of mating your new pet. The first step is to hatch your egg. It should be covered with the color of your choice. You can also choose the egg type. The Eggs should be white or green.

The eggs must have a blue hue. Similarly, the Waterfall Dragon can only breed with Dragon City dragons. However, you can breed it with any other species, except the Sea. It has a low-level requirement, and you can breed it with any other species.

Breeding a Waterfall Dragon isn’t hard. It’s pretty simple and will require a fair amount of gems. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for it to hatch, so you should try to complete this quest as soon as possible. Once you’ve hatched your dragon, you’ll have to hatch the eggs and care for them.

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