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Many players have asked how to get diamonds in Dragon City 2022, but many don’t know how to do this without spending any money.

There are no real cheats in the game, so there’s no need to panic. You’ll find ways to earn gems in the game, and they’re all free! One of the best ways to earn gems is to simply login daily.In addition to gems, you can also get free food and gold by winning battles.


The Dragon City Mod Apk is available for free on Google Play and can be downloaded directly from its website. This will allow you to buy in-game things with real cash. You can choose whether or not to enable the in-app purchases in the Settings menu. Then, you can start playing the game! Once the download is complete, you can take advantage of all the amazing features the game offers. You’ll have unlimited gems and money and will be far superior to other players.

Using the Dragon City Shop is easy and will earn you tons of diamonds. Just make sure that you have the latest version of the game so you can enjoy this feature. If you’re playing the game on an older version, you may have some problems buying gems.

Once you’ve got the latest version, just open the app, click on the “Shop” button, and then navigate to the “Packs” section. Then, select the gems you want to purchase and finish the payment process.


You’ll find the highest number of gems in the Dragon City Diamond Chest. The lowest amount of gems will be found in the Food Farm. For a higher chance of finding a Diamond chest, you should pursue it in the Lost World grid map. You can also collect it from the events or chests that offer rewards. Once you have found the Treasure Chest, you can place the items in the Treasure Room to earn gold.

Methods of How To Get Diamonds in Dragon City

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There are many different ways for getting this game. The first way is by participating in PVP tournaments.This is where you will select your team and dragons. After winning a set number of matches, you’ll receive a reward. These rewards are listed before the tournament begins. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you can enter league battles. Once you’ve reached level 10, you’ll be able to access the arenas and challenges


First method

Another way to how collect Diamonds in the Dragon City game is to participate in the Heroic Race. These events occur once a month. To win, you must reach Lap 5 and finish above Lap 15.

Then, you’ll receive a diamond that can be used to purchase rare items. However, you can only win a Heroic dragon if you reach Lap 15 in the race. If you want to win the race, read the pinned guides before participating.

Second method

The second method of downloading this game is by purchasing them with real money. You can get gems by doing various things like collecting gold coins and completing quests. However, these methods will only yield low payouts. Therefore, the fastest way of earning gems is by purchasing them with real money.


If you want to buy gems most quickly-, you should buy them using real money. Besides, you’ll find a purple gem icon on the game menu that indicates that you can spend money on it.

What is the best dragon in Dragon City?

The top 8 best and most Capable Dragons In the Dragon City game are discus below this line.

  • Legendary Dragon.
  • Cool Fire Dragon
  • High Guardian Dragon.
  • Pure Dragon.
  • Apocalypse Dragon.
  • Elements Dragon.
  • Supersonic Dragon.
  • Double Terra.

The best dragon in Dragon City cheat is a rare but highly effective creature that combines the elements of fire, metal, and nature. The bad thing is that it cannot be critically hit and is, therefore, a poor choice for breeding purposes. In the game, you can also breed a pure dragon with 65 dragons, which are usually war or light.

A pure type of this game has a low damage output but is still a good choice for breeding as it doesn’t have many weaknesses. The most powerful dragon is a pure dragon. This is the strongest dragon in the game and should be your first one. The second strongest is rare or legendary if you want to be a legend.

New features

Dragon City Mod APK

You can also train a pure dragon and make it your main drag team’s weapon. The pure version is weak against any other kind of dragon, including the most powerful ones. However, Wiki there are still some weaknesses in the game. The highest-earning dragon is the High Star Dragon. It can attack all kinds of enemies and earns 2066 Gold per hour. Unfortunately, this dragon cannot be bred.

You can buy the egg and train it to produce a higher-level version. The next best dragon is the Archaic Dragon. You need 3,000 Gems to breed it, and it can be trained to learn two attacks.The best dragon in the game is the Millenium Dragon, which can be bred. Its base attack is only a thousand points.

Dragon City Diamond Chest – How to Get Gems and Coins in Dragon City mod apk

In Dragon City, this is a treasure trove of gems. These can be obtained by completing various challenges. These objectives reward players with various kinds of treasures. You can also get free gems by completing various goals. Each goal has a predefined number of matches.

You can earn a reward if you win a set number of games. This game can be downloaded for free from the app store.The best way to get a dragon city diamond chest is to participate in the daily events and log in every day. These events will grant you different rewards, like free gems, food, or even gold.

These are available to collect, but they can also be acquired through breeding or other methods. You can also complete quests to get additional rewards.These bonuses are extremely useful, and you should do them to boost your gaming experience.

New Mods

Once you have completed these quests, you can earn more gems. You can also make use of the Diamond chest to obtain rare dragon prizes. With this mod, you can easily get more than one dragon prize from one account. It is the best way to make more gems and get more gold for your Dragon City account.

So, get started now and enjoy the game! Using a Diamond Chest to Obtain More Gold If you’ve been playing Dragon City for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the Diamond chest is one of the most popular items on the app. This is because it can boost your leveling up fast.

And because you’re able to get more gems with the Diamond chest, you can easily collect more diamonds. There are other ways to obtain a dragon city diamond chest, and it’s important to know how to get in them.Getting more gems in Dragon City is easier than ever. The more dragons you have, the more stable you will be. This is why you need to get more than one gem at a time.

If you have a large amount of them, you’ll be able to level up faster. You can buy the diamonds you need to buy more items in the game. In the meantime, you can spend the rest on the upgrades.

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