Dragon City MOD APK Version 22.7.6 Unlimited Money | Gems 2022

App NameDragon City APK
Size140 MB
Latest Version22.7.6
Updated onSeptember 28, 2022
Android Version4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads100,000,000+
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money | Food | Gems
Rating Count476559


Are you wondering what all the fuss is about? The ultimate dragon simulation game is here in the palm of your hands! Go ahead and download Dragon City MOD APK right now! A viral real-time simulation game filled with mythical creatures. Your goal is to build your dragon kingdom on a mythical floating island. 

Breed and form unique fire-breathing creatures that will annihilate everyone that opposes you. Feed your dragon herd and take your small dragon farm to a divine kingdom! Conquer other players online and become the absolute dragon master in the world! It’s easier said than done, so prepare for the ultimate dragon mayhem!

Published in 2012, Dragon City’s latest modded version, 2022, is still thriving as one of the best simulation games for android of all time, all thanks to its impeccable features that other simulation games lack. So waste no time and get your hands on the most excellent dragon simulation game right now!

Dragon city mod apk 2022

Dragon City Explained Briefly:

Although the game may get complicated in later stages, once you complete the tutorial and play the game daily, you will find out how easy and fun this game is! Dragon world apk all islands.

You play the role of a dragon master whose task is to build their dragon kingdom and grow it gradually as the game guides you throughout your stay. As you unlock, breed, and hatch more dragons, you will use them in the battleground and fight other players in real time in a straight PvP duel match! You will unlock the ability to swap between dragons in a middle of a fight as you progress further. It would help if you fought other players to secure your village and habitats.

At the start, you will be given a bunch of coins and a few gems, to begin with, and this is where the mod tool plays its part! We have broken down every fact related to the game and, most importantly, its modded version, so don’t forget to read the entire article to get a deep insight into the game!


Gameplay Features:

  • Freedom to build your fantasy dragon island with various building options and unlock new islands to expand your dragon kingdom!
  • Make a combination of different dragons and breed them together to get a chance to acquire a unique and rare dragon.
  • Collect orbs to powerups your firebreathing dragons. You can now check their strength in battle grow!
  • New unique dragons are added with every update! Join the events to earn exclusive rewards and legendary dragons!
  • Customize your dragon squad with a set of unique skins that you can get from participating in and winning events!
  • Use the magical powers of dragons in your city by summoning them from a magical realm in the Tree Of Life.
  • Establish your alliance with millions of other players online! Make friends, trade orbs and other powerups, join against other alliances and make a name for your alliance in the dragon world!
  • Play more to unlock unique gameplay content, such as Guardian Dragon Towers and Ancient Worlds!
  • Don’t forget to complete your Dragon Book! To breed unique hybrids of over 1000 epic dragons, combine dragons of different rare elements such as Nature, Legend, Fire, and many other unique elements!

Introducing the Modded Version and Its Features:

If you have already played the game, you know how hard it is even to have an excellent lineup of dragons. But you will not have to worry longer since we have the dragon city mod apk, unlimited gems and money, and food download, the modified version of the original game codded with a tool that gives you unlimited resources and economy for free!

Moreover, it also gives you a few additional dragon-fighting hacks that will let you unlock all the dragons in the game quickly. And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about getting trapped in viruses since we provide a virus-free version that is not related to any scams or security issues. Furthermore, it also has an anti-ban feature that will eradicate your ban history, thus making it harder for the moderators to spot you, and, likely, you will not get banned in the first palace.

Dragon City Mod APK Player vs Players Battles

Unlimited Money/Gold:

Gold is the most required exchange in the game. It is used for buying and unlocking the content in the game, such as dragons, eggs, buildings, and a lot more stuff that can easily be purchased with the Gold. However, collecting Gold is not an easy task in the Dragon City mod apk unlimited diamonds, which is why we have installed the unlimited money feature in this mod version that will get you an infinite amount of Gold you will need to buy the items you want for free!

No More Waiting:

It’s time to ditch the boring game system, where you will need to wait hours and even days to hatch an egg or complete a building. Well, not anymore! With the mod, the version eliminates the waiting system. Now all you need to do is to tap on the building and hatching button, and voila, you have your desired item instantly! This feature is a handful if you want to save time and skip the boring waiting part!

Dragon Stable Unlocked:

Unlock all the dragons instantly with the dragon stable mod tool! This feature also includes unlocking more than 100 dragons globally! This fantastic feature ultimately enables the players to grasp all the mythical dragons within a blink!

Follow Us on Facebook:

Expand your fantasy kingdom and connect us with your Facebook! Follow us for all the latest updates and mod versions! Feel free to ask anything you encounter with the tool, and we will try to help you as much as possible!

What You Need to Know Before Installation:

  • Make sure you are running the latest dragon city battles mod menu version! How do you check the version of the game? Go to the settings button and click about. A tab will pop up on your screen with all the information regarding the game and its version!
  • Ensure your mobile is supported by Android 5.0 or higher to avoid trouble while installing the game and the mod.
  • Make sure your mobile has at least one GB of RAM or higher to run the game without lag or stuttering to have a pleasant experience and smooth gameplay!
  • Make sure your mobile has at least 170MB of free space in your storage; otherwise, the game cannot be installed!
  • Connect to a proper internet connection to avoid getting timeouts in the middle of the game. If you have bad internet, you may face a lot of trouble, such as lagging, stuttering, or even connecting to the game!

Tips for Playing Dragon City:

Although playing the game is fun and engaging at some points, it can get annoying or even tricky to progress further if you do not know what you are doing, where you are stuck, and how you will get out of it. Hopefully, we have noticed some basic knowledge and tips to help newcomers in Dragon City mod apk unlimited everything free gems android.

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  • Crops generate resources for the appetite of your dragons and their overall growth. It is recommended to build as many cropping fields as possible to breed more dragons. This will also generate Gold for you, which becomes an essential method to maintain and improve your dragon village growth.


  • Habitats are the home of your dragons. The more habitats you have in your power, the more dragons you can breed. It is worth noting that some dragons can only be bred in specific habitats. It is recommended to purchase various habitats to ensure that different dragons can live and breed in your city.


  • Always try to experiment with something new. You know where I am pointing at. It would be best if you bred dragons of two different kinds to produce an epic dragon duality of both consequential types. The results are always different. Thus, it can be anything, either a typical dragon or a legendary one, that remains to be seen!


  • The key to winning a battle is not having more dragons than your adversary does. Quality matters only when you have sufficient dragons to execute your quality strategy. You cannot put some dragons on the battlefield; instead, put different types of dragons and balance your lineup, and you will win more games this way.

Installing Procedures for Dragon City MOD APK:

Follow these steps strictly to avoid any trouble while installing the game:

  • Download the game Dragon city app unlimited free food OBB file that we have provided at www.grabtheapk.com.
  • Begin the downloading process and let it complete.
  • Your mobile security will prevent the installation, so first, you will need to go to your mobile’s settings and enable the “Downloading from unknown sources” options.
  • Once you have done that, open the downloaded file and begin the installation.
  • The installation should be completed within five minutes.
  • Play the game once you have installed it and enjoy the mod features for free!

Frequently Asked Question(s):

1- Where can I download the mod version?

If you want an authentic mod based on only Dragon City specifically, visit our site, www.grabtheapk.com, where you will get the authentic mod tool for the game!

2- Can you breed the Dream Dragon?

No, you cannot breed the Dream Dragon. However, you can gain it from playing future events!

3- Which kind of Dragons is the rarest?

The Heroic dragons are supposed to be the rarest breed of all dragons!

4- How do you install the modded version of this game?

Follow our installation procedures for this game so you can run the game smoothly with the unlimited resources feature!

5- How much free space does Dragon City require?

You must have at least 170MB of free space in your android!


We have ensured that this article contains every bit of the game content, including the hack tool. Just download and install the mod version of the dragon city mod apk following the steps we provided above, and you will be more than reasonable to go! The mod version is not different from the original game except that you get unlimited resources for entirely free!

You can quickly build your village and unlock all the dragons, including legendary and mythical ones, for free and hatch them instantly! Complete all types of buildings with one tap. Subdue your opponents quickly as you freely shower your dragons with unlimited orbs and powerups! Unlock and upgrade dragons and become the best dragon master in the world! Feel free to leave a comment if you face any problems; we will be more than happy to help you out!